Print & Branding

Austin Creative Reuse Raise the Roof Logo

Client: Austin Creative Reuse
Project: Austin Creative Reuse is a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials. In 2014, we're undergoing an initiative in order to raise the funds to open a permanent location to better serve the Austin community. I created the branding for that initiative.

Austin Creative Reuse Annual Reports

Client: Austin Creative Reuse
Project: 2013 Annual Report (PDF 1MB)

Austin Creative Reuse Annual Report FY2012

Client: Austin Creative Reuse
Project: 2012 Annual Report (PDF 2.6MB)

Whole Foods Market Green Mission Report

Client: Whole Foods Market
Project: Green Mission Annual Report (PDF 3.5MB)

Offbeat Guides Branding Refresh

Client: Offbeat Guides
Title: Branding Refresh + Business Cards
Project: Redesign logo and business card for a start-up that creates print-on-demand travel guides.