Hi there, I'm Kaci. I'm an User Experience and Visual Designer living in Austin, Texas.

I'm primarily a web designer for Whole Foods Market, but I also selectively accept new web design work on a freelance basis as time (and energy!) allows.

My Process

I look at the data available to me – industry research, individual web analytics, and knowledge of existing (and future) customers to provide the best possible experience while still being creative and forward thinking. I'm a bit of a data junky, actually.

I ask hard questions in the pursuit of understanding. I really do love my work.


A Little on Web Development

I'm completely capable of front-end web development—HTML, CSS, simple Javascript, and some PHP. When I first started doing web design and development, I really did love the dev process, because it gave my creative side a break and allowed me to focus on logic.

With that said, my user experience work has been fulfilling that role in my work-life.

For most web projects, I partner with other awesome developers who could blow my code out of the water. This allows me to focus on my passion (creating fun, user-centric design) and they get to focus on theirs (creating clean, succinct code). Ya feel me?


I'm a board member and the Digital Committee Chair of Austin Creative Reuse, a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials in the Austin area.

Download resume (PDF <1MB)